Why you should plan now for LIB 2018

Lightning in a bottle promises a good time but that isn’t a reason to start planing now. A lot of music festivals promise a good time but Lightning in a bottle is starting to truly set themselves apart from the pack. They are one of the very few music fests that are already promoting their 2018 festival.

The first reason to start planning for LIB 2018 is that they have already started running ticket sales and if you want the best discount on ticket prices then buy early. They recently ran a super early bird sale and will probably gear up for another early ticket sale. If you prepare now you will have the money. Not to mention it is definitely easier to commit to a music festival when you already have the tickets!

Another good reason to plan now is LIB has been hosted in Bradley, California for three years running. If you are like me and located in Northwest Indiana then having the time to plan a cross county trip is definitely a necessity. Unless you plan on flying with all your camping gear then a road trip is required and no one wants to miss the opportunities to see the country because they didn’t plan properly for a road trip. Who wants to stop in Vegas on the way!

LIB is super organized when it comes to music festivals so it is something you can follow and plan around easily. You can always follow their blog Here and keep up to date on all the important issues. They have a killer website (lightninginabottle.org) which list some awesome activities you can check out all their activities at the bottom of their page.

Plan now. If you don’t plan now you are planing to fail! Live your life because you only get one so make sure you have made it a memorable experience! Music festivals do not need to be a one time experience. You never know when you will meet someone who changes your life, experience, thoughts, and opinions.


Checklist for Camping at a Music Festival

Of course, we have all done it before. You’re all excited, packing the car for the music festival you have been planning for a month. So you think you have everything ready and just toss it all in the car. Then you arrive and your unpacking when, BAM you forgot the connector for your propane stove! What happened? You remember packing it last week!

Take a load off because I’m here to  make your life a tad easier. I have created a downloadable, printable checklist for FREE! Now just check it off the list and relax some, you can download the .pfd check list HERE.  Now, This begins the debate on what materials are best for a festival but I like to maintain that everyone’s preferences are different. So adapt and adjust accordingly.

My have to have no matter what equipment though is all based around the comfort of my small community space. I like to chill with friends. We like to set up three tents around the outside of our canopy tent and use the canopy as like a communal stomping grounds where everyone chills. Honestly, this is how you meet the best people at festivals! Ya never know who you will jive with but what you need is a great place to chill. I set up an inflatable couch to chill on. They are cheap and save space while packing. Not to mention they are extremely comfortable when covered is massive amounts of blankets and pillows! This is the one I use. http://amzn.to/2vPSUno.

No matter what you decide I hope our checklist helps you out! Have a great time at your next festival and as always, stay safe.

Voodoo Music Festival

voodoo 2.jpg

Voodoo is the festival that truly promises a good time for anyone. Taking place at city park in New Orleans, Voodoo will be on Halloween weekend. So, I would expect to see some costumes. You will have to get a hotel because there is no on-site camping. Though when you have 70 bands spanned over 4 stages I’d say the price of a hotel is well worth it.

Voodoo is boasting Kendrick Lamar, The Foo Fighters, and The Killers as headliners. This music festival is like the melting pot of music. Also playing will be Post Malone, Rich Chigga, and even bands like Boombox Cartel. I’ll gladly pay the 140 plus fees for a 3 day general admission Ticket. Though the VIP and platinum packages are tempting for sure.When it comes to other attractions Voodoo has it stacked.

They will be having interactive large-scale art instillation’s, the brew dat beer hall, and tons of activities.  In fact, Elysian Brewing Co. will be making an appearance and offering four different beers on tap.  I’m hoping space dust their IPA will be one of those four on tap but who knows!

All in all, Voodoo promises a crazy mix up of awesome music, and if that doesn’t get you the tons of activities should! Not to mention you will be in New Orleans for Halloween weekend! How can that possibly go wrong.

Sun City Music Festival



We have another get festival for you to check out. Sun City Music festival in El Paso, Texas promises a killer experience with a lineup that will have you moving nonstop for two days! Sun City Music Festival will be located at 6900 Delta Dr, El Paso Texas,79905 and hosted September 2nd through the 3rd. Cost of attending varies on packages of course but your two basic packages are your general admission for $139.95 plus $17.06 in fees and your VIP Admission for $209.95 plus $20.97 in fees.

The big question is “Is the lineup worth it?” and yes! Yes, is the answer. Sun City music festival will be featuring artists like Marshmello, Above &beyond, G Jones, Ookay, and Slushii. If you us don’t believe us you can check out the spotify rooster! Get your entire crew hyped for the trip by checking out Their spotify playlist here: https://play.spotify.com/user/discodonniepresents/playlist/3tgIlleWxY9xFnmiTRSIdm?play=true&utm_source=open&utm_medium=signup-test&utm_campaign=link

Sun city music festival has a great website detailing all of their packages, vendors, artists and even more. You can check it out here: Suncitymusicfestival.com. They even have a great introductory video for what sun city music festival is all about. You can see that here: https://youtube/f3itxs4re38



NorthCoast Music Festival



Hello fellow Hippies!

Running September 1st to the 3rd, North Coast music festival will be celebrating its eighth year of bringing together wonderful artists from not just the city of the Chicago but from all places and genres of music. In prior years, North Coast has been a weekend home to renowned musicians and talent in previous years such as Atmosphere, logic, and Bassnectar. However, this year you can expect to see world famous headliners like deadmau5, Gucci Mane, Tipper, plus a list of over 70 other rappers, jam bands, DJ’s and everything in between. North Coast is also a home to many unique merchandise and food vendors that are primarily from the surrounding areas and are representative of the unique taste and culture of Chicagoland people. North Coast is held at Union Park, and is easily accessible through the CTA, VIA Train line or the VIA #9 bus. If you’re traveling from out of town, a list of directions dependent on Highways is listed on the official North Coast website.

Just outside the venue, you can find some of Chicago’s famous restaurants and cuisine such as Dino’s Italian pizza, Union Park Cafe and Jimmy’s famous burgers of Hyde Park along with nearby hotels that include Crown Plaza Metro, which is a short walk from union station and only minutes from, Willis Tower, tallest and most recognizable of Chicago’s sky line. And Millennium Park, home of the bean.

If you’re feeling a little fancy, and would like to enjoy the classic ambiance reminiscent of the original prestigious hotels that first dotted the shoreline of Lake Michigan, then you should check out The Vaughan Chicago. Note, rooms are first come first serve, so if you want a place to stay, sooner is better, because remember, you’ll be alongside some twenty thousand other North Coast family members to join you in celebrating one of the areas last large scale music festivals of the year. Hence its nickname, “Summers last stand”.

So, to briefly sum up an otherwise indescribable magical experience. North Coast will leave you with long lasting memories of one of best and final weekends of your summer and the festival season, and will have you counting the days till next year.

The team from All Things Hippie thanks you for taking time to check us out, and encourages you to come say hi if you spot us walking around, so that we can thank you in person. From one fest family to another we ask that you stay safe, stay hydrated, use the buddy system, and above all have fun! And if your interested in our wares, participating in the store, sharing your work or possible referrals for discounted tickets, check the links that are listed below.  We’ll see you there fellow hippies!