Voodoo Music Festival

voodoo 2.jpg

Voodoo is the festival that truly promises a good time for anyone. Taking place at city park in New Orleans, Voodoo will be on Halloween weekend. So, I would expect to see some costumes. You will have to get a hotel because there is no on-site camping. Though when you have 70 bands spanned over 4 stages I’d say the price of a hotel is well worth it.

Voodoo is boasting Kendrick Lamar, The Foo Fighters, and The Killers as headliners. This music festival is like the melting pot of music. Also playing will be Post Malone, Rich Chigga, and even bands like Boombox Cartel. I’ll gladly pay the 140 plus fees for a 3 day general admission Ticket. Though the VIP and platinum packages are tempting for sure.When it comes to other attractions Voodoo has it stacked.

They will be having interactive large-scale art instillation’s, the brew dat beer hall, and tons of activities.  In fact, Elysian Brewing Co. will be making an appearance and offering four different beers on tap.  I’m hoping space dust their IPA will be one of those four on tap but who knows!

All in all, Voodoo promises a crazy mix up of awesome music, and if that doesn’t get you the tons of activities should! Not to mention you will be in New Orleans for Halloween weekend! How can that possibly go wrong.