Checklist for Camping at a Music Festival

Of course, we have all done it before. You’re all excited, packing the car for the music festival you have been planning for a month. So you think you have everything ready and just toss it all in the car. Then you arrive and your unpacking when, BAM you forgot the connector for your propane stove! What happened? You remember packing it last week!

Take a load off because I’m here to  make your life a tad easier. I have created a downloadable, printable checklist for FREE! Now just check it off the list and relax some, you can download the .pfd check list HERE.  Now, This begins the debate on what materials are best for a festival but I like to maintain that everyone’s preferences are different. So adapt and adjust accordingly.

My have to have no matter what equipment though is all based around the comfort of my small community space. I like to chill with friends. We like to set up three tents around the outside of our canopy tent and use the canopy as like a communal stomping grounds where everyone chills. Honestly, this is how you meet the best people at festivals! Ya never know who you will jive with but what you need is a great place to chill. I set up an inflatable couch to chill on. They are cheap and save space while packing. Not to mention they are extremely comfortable when covered is massive amounts of blankets and pillows! This is the one I use.

No matter what you decide I hope our checklist helps you out! Have a great time at your next festival and as always, stay safe.