Why you should plan now for LIB 2018

Lightning in a bottle promises a good time but that isn’t a reason to start planing now. A lot of music festivals promise a good time but Lightning in a bottle is starting to truly set themselves apart from the pack. They are one of the very few music fests that are already promoting their 2018 festival.

The first reason to start planning for LIB 2018 is that they have already started running ticket sales and if you want the best discount on ticket prices then buy early. They recently ran a super early bird sale and will probably gear up for another early ticket sale. If you prepare now you will have the money. Not to mention it is definitely easier to commit to a music festival when you already have the tickets!

Another good reason to plan now is LIB has been hosted in Bradley, California for three years running. If you are like me and located in Northwest Indiana then having the time to plan a cross county trip is definitely a necessity. Unless you plan on flying with all your camping gear then a road trip is required and no one wants to miss the opportunities to see the country because they didn’t plan properly for a road trip. Who wants to stop in Vegas on the way!

LIB is super organized when it comes to music festivals so it is something you can follow and plan around easily. You can always follow their blog Here and keep up to date on all the important issues. They have a killer website (lightninginabottle.org) which list some awesome activities you can check out all their activities at the bottom of their page.

Plan now. If you don’t plan now you are planing to fail! Live your life because you only get one so make sure you have made it a memorable experience! Music festivals do not need to be a one time experience. You never know when you will meet someone who changes your life, experience, thoughts, and opinions.